Join us for the 18th General Membership Meeting of the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition!

20th April 2017

Co-hosted by Senegal’s Ministry of Health and Social Action, the meeting will take place 23-27 October 2017 at The Radisson Blu, Dakar, Senegal. As in years past, the two-day Membership Meeting will be preceded by three days of preliminary meetings hosted by the Coalition’s Implementing Mechanisms (Working Groups, Regional Fora, and Caucuses).

Why meet?

A reminder of what we’re really about.

Spanning from Mauritania to Madagascar, from Chad to Burundi, Francophone Africa boasts some of the world’s greatest reproductive health successes but also some of the most troubling statistics and seemingly intractable challenges. While Senegalese women today are reaping the benefits of joint distribution ventures among government, private sector and civil society, women in many other countries face difficult, potentially life-altering choices caused by stockouts. Trained community health workers in Burkina Faso traverse the country’s vast rural areas, delivering one of the newest and most promising innovations in the field, a subcutaneous injectable, while in other countries in the region, women face limited choice and even more limited access.

But there is one thing all countries have in common: a woman’s desire to ensure her reproductive health. So much in a woman’s life can hinge on the response she gets when she arrives at the clinic or pharmacy; and so much goes into making sure that the response she receives is the right one. Will she find choice or simply empty shelves?

Join us in Dakar, Senegal at the 18th General Membership Meeting of the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition, 23-27 October. We will focus on her and on the kaleidoscope of activities we each pursue to improve supply chains, make quality products more available, and ensure policies are more conducive to her needs. In the face of all this activity, it is sometimes easy to lose sight of what really drives us forward – her. Let’s celebrate our efforts to support her right to contraception, the opportunities it provides, and the power it has to transform the world. Why come to Dakar? For her.

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