It sometimes takes a Summit to shake things up: eyeing Latin America

3rd December 2015

Latin America

LAC Forum members are eyeing discussions this month that may lay the groundwork for a new Family Planning Summit – not in London, but Latin America. Concerned by widespread ignorance over the huge wealth – and health-disparities that prevail across the region, ProFamilia Colombia used a small grant from the Forum’s LAC Fund to assess the feasibility of creating a big splash – including a repeat of the high profile summit that took place in London in 2012, replete with country commitments and a strong visible donor presence. And who better to get on board than the successors of the London Summit, FP2020. Next month, representatives of the ForoLAC will meet with the FP2020 Secretariat (whose 69 priority countries include five from the region) to explore the possibility of moving forward together. Watch this space.

Category: ForoLAC

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