IPPF Member Associations update on progress

30th September 2008

IPPF brought the six Member Associations, project partners DSW and PAI, and IPPF regional offices in London on September 4-5. The meeting was a useful opportunity for South-to-South learning and sharing of ideas and developing solutions to challenges. Member Associations provided the following detailed updates of advocacy objective and successes to date:

Bangladesh: The Family Planning Association of Bangladesh are focusing on increasing RH supplies on the National Essential Drug list. Recommendations have been made and are being followed through. They are also working with USAID and UNFPA to reinvigorate the National Contraceptive Security Committee, and ensure it focuses on problems with the supply chain.

Ghana: The Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana (PPAG) is working to ensure contraception is covered by the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS). They are working with a well-respected lawyer to advocate for complete implementation of the NHIS legislation. A focus for 2009 is to increase national government funding for RH supplies.

Mexico: Mexfam is selecting two states - Chiapas and Guerrero - in which to advocate for the creation of budget lines for contraception. This will be supported by the creation of state level contraceptive security committees. These groups will act as a 'shadow' committee. They will inform and influence district health decision makers, and ensure national priorities are reflected at state level.

Nicaragua: Profamilia is working to increase the Ministry of Health´s budget line for RH supplies by 5% in 2009. They have successfully advocated for family planning to be incorporated into the Ministry of Health´s work plan

Tanzania: UMATI is working at district level to raise awareness amongst district leaders about the importance of family planning in poverty reduction. They have created shadow contraceptive security committees in five districts. Four of which contain representatives from the Ministry of Health.

Uganda: Reproductive Health Uganda (RHU) is working with stakeholders to increase political support for RH supplies and increase the national budget line. It is working with the Contraceptive Security Committee to improve the coordination of stakeholders in the procurement and distribution system. RHU has already successfully increased the civil society representation on the committee.

For more information, contact Sarah Shaw, Resource Mobilization Awareness Officer of IPPF.

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