International Platform on Female Condoms launched

5th December 2008

The Universal Access to Female Condoms (UAFC) Joint Programme works to make female condoms available and accessible for all by urging for more investments on large-scale female condom programmes, research and development.

Joint strategies are needed to make the female condom accessible, such as collaboration between South and North, cooperation between donors and NGO´s, and active engagement with the private sector. Therefore the UAFC Joint Programme launches an International Platform at the International Conference on AIDS and STI´s in Africa (ICASA) on December 4th.

The purpose of the Platform will be to broaden and strengthen the support base for female condoms, to share knowledge and expertise on female condom programming among actors, and to solicit explicit commitment. It The platform will consist of fifty participants, with influence in the field of HIV/AIDS and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, knowledge on female condoms, and/or previous experience valuable for future female condom programming.

A press release on the Platform launch can be found here.

Further information on the UAFC Joint Programme can be accessed on their website.

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