Innovation Fund increases access to maternal health supplies in Ethiopia.

8th March 2018

Two Innovation Fund-supported projects are set to change the face of maternal health supplies in Ethiopia. Late last year, Concept Foundation’s workshop on registration of MH supplies resulted in five manufacturers taking steps to register their WHO prequalified products. You can learn more by listening to a recent webinar which recommends key actions to achieve further progress. 

In a second project, Monash University assessed the landscape for quality oxytocin in Ethiopia. Compromised quality has undermined the Ethiopian Government’s efforts to address post-partum hemorrhage. To date, no published studies have examined the quality of oxytocin ampoules in Ethiopia. Study results, which are soon to be released, will be published in a peer-reviewed journal. For more information, please contact Milka Dinev at

Categories: Ethiopia, Maternal Health Supplies Caucus

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