In Malawi, upstream and downstream converge under the VAN

15th March 2022

This month, Malawi became the second country to link its national electronic management information system or “eLMIS” to the VAN – a key program priority under the “Movement” arm of the RHSC’s new 3M workplan.

The new user friendly dashboard

To mark this event, the VAN has unveiled an enhanced, user-friendly dashboard that will allow the country’s supply chain managers to visualize and track product flows across all levels, from manufacturer to central to district levels and down to service delivery points. It will allow them to manage resource allocations, ensure adequate stock levels, and even see the history of reporting rates across their service delivery points. To connect with what are essentially separate logistics systems at country level, the VAN makes use of an intermediary platform called OpenHIM – a feature that has huge implications for the VAN’s ability to scale up globally its efforts at end-to-end visibility. The next quarter will be critical as country data managers begin using the enhanced system, bringing all parts of it into alignment, and improving quality and performance.

Category: Global FP VAN

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