iCycleBeads: 21st Century Family Planning

3rd December 2010

CycleTechnologies has launched iCycleBeads, the first iPhone application enabling women to manage their fertility easily and effectively, entirely through information provided by the application. iCycleBeads is based on the Standard Days Method, a family planning method developed by Coalition member the Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University. The method, based on extensive analysis of data from studies of reproductive physiology and tested in large-scale clinical trials, is more than 95% effective at preventing pregnancy.

iCycleBeads is based on the same modern family planning method on which CycleBeads® is based so it’s easy to use and highly effective. A user will be able to see her cycle information on a virtual set of CycleBeads and on a calendar. She will also receive “alerts” with key information such as when she is in her fertile window, when she is on a day when pregnancy is unlikely, and when she is likely to get her next period. 

An SMS version of the app is being developed for interested women who lack access to an iPhone. The SMS version is currently being tested in India.

To read the press release about this exciting new way to use this family planning method, click here. To download the app for your iPhone, visit the iTunes store here.

For more information, contact Victoria Jennings at IRH.

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