Huffington Post article on maternal health supplies

22nd February 2010

Population Action International (PAI) Interim President, Suzanne Ehlers, was recently published in the Huffington Post online. In her 18 February 2010 article, Suzanne highlights the importance of maternal health (MH) supplies and PAI's work on this issue, including PAI's collaboration and involvement with the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition.

Through their collaboration with the Maternal Health Task Force (read more on this project here and here), PAI is conducting research on maternal health supplies in Bangladesh and Uganda. In her article, Suzanne writes that early findings suggest low financial support for MH supplies, inadequate financial coverage of MH supplies for the poor, inefficient supply systems, and strapped human resources. The article goes on to note the difficulty of achieving MDG 5 (improving maternal health) without improved access to maternal health supplies.

To read the full article, please click here.

This article was also highlighted by Women Deliver. To see their opinion, and read John Skibiak's comments, please click here.

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