Handbook on Emergency Contraception

24th April 2009

Introducing Emergency Contraception Within Reproductive Health Programs: The ECP Handbook

The ECP Handbook provides comprehensive guidance to help managers of integrated RH programs, health care directors, and policymakers introduce emergency contraceptive pills (ECPs) within local and national family planning programs. Operations research has demonstrated the feasibility and acceptability of ECPs as a way of preventing unintended pregnancy following unprotected sex or failure of an existing contraceptive method. The handbook presents a step-by-step process for introducing ECPs that can be adapted to each country´s needs and resources. The process, based on research conducted in several developing countries, covers the full continuum of ECP programming, including the following:

  • Needs assessments and operations research
  • Drug registration
  • Training and logistics
  • Introduction of ECP scale-up

Additionally, the handbook discusses ways to address the needs of specific segments of the population, including special groups such as adolescents and rape survivors. The ECP Handbook can be accessed online or downloaded here.

A CD-ROM of the handbook is available upon request at publications@popcouncil.org

The ECP Handbook was produced by the Population Council, with support from USAID and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

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