European NGOs address RH Supplies

1st January 2007

On February 15th, Coalition partners John Skibiak, Steve Kinzett, Terri Bartlett and Mercedes Mas de Xaxas conducted a capacity building session on reproductive health supplies (RHS) with representatives of ten European NGOs. The NGOs are in the process of submitting a proposal to advocate for RHS within Europe. During the session, which was hosted by Brussels-based IPPF Europe, the four facilitators traced the history of efforts to address RHS, the role of such initiatives as the RH Interchange, the Supply Initiative, the Coalition and the newly launched RMA Project. Using Kenya as a case study, the group saw first-hand the complexities of ensuring access to supplies, specifically as they related to financing, procurement, and distribution. The exercise helped them to look critically at the data used in advocacy efforts and also to identify new opportunities for awareness raising, collaboration and resource mobilisation.

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January 2007, RHSC

Categories: Kenya, Advocacy and Accountability Working Group

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