Envisioning a new RH supplies ecosystem for next decade

22nd February 2019

2020 will usher in a new decade of rapidly-changing funding realities for reproductive
health. Many landmark donor initiatives are winding down while others will face rebidding.
The non-governmental sector and millions of women who pay out of pocket further
complicate the lie of the land. How can continuing donor support be operationalized
without a clear understanding of the ecosystem as it stands?
Responding to a directive from a high-level gathering of family planning experts in July last
year, the Coalition has embarked on an ambitious new initiative which will provide answers
to key questions such as: What are the critical supply issues facing us in the decade to
come? Who’s doing what? What’s acceptable, and what isn’t? Where to from here?
Results will be shared at the General Membership Meeting in Kathmandu in March, where
the community will take an active part in shaping the strategy using innovative digital
feedback methods. For more information, please contact Director John Skibiak at

Categories: Global Financing, Governmental Organisations

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