Ensuring RHCS within a Sector Wide Approach

15th October 2008

The architecture of donor assistance in global health is changing rapidly, with donor funds increasingly being routed through basket funds or direct budgetary support. This change presents challenges and opportunities to ensuring Reproductive Health Commodity Security (RHCS - the ability of clients to obtain and use reproductive health commodities when and where they need them). The SWAp Primer discusses those challenges and opportunities, how they can be alleviated and leveraged, and the role of USAID's increasingly unique form of donor assistance in assuring continued commodity security in a SWAp environment. The donor coordination mechanism is a key entry point for inputs on how different funding mechanisms can be used, in combination, to improve RHCS.

Click here to read the publication and contact Nadia Olson, Policy Advisor on the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, for more information.

Categories: Featured, Advocacy and Accountability Working Group, Systems Strengthening Working Group

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