Draft TORs for RMA WG Leaders

7th February 2011

As agreed during the RMA WG meeting in London in November 2010, PAI developed a draft Terms of Reference (TOR) for the position of the Working Group (co-)chair. In fact, the draft uses the term Leader instead, as the TOR of the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition refers to the Leader position in the section on working groups (included in the attached draft as Annex 1). You will also note that a few sections of the attached draft mirror the TOR of the Coalition; it made sense consistency purposes. 

The draft is only a first step to help generate discussion and agreement amongst the entire Working Group. Two specific areas needing attention were (1) the time and human resource implications of the Leader(s) position, as well as (2) the “relationship” of the Leader(s) to the Innovation Fund and submissions made to it. 

Please make comments and changes as you deem fit (for the latter use the track changes feature) and send them to Suzanne Ehlers and Mercedes Mas de Xaxas by the end of the day, Monday, February 14th.  Download the TORs here.

Category: Advocacy and Accountability Working Group

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