DKT, JSI, and the UN Foundation pledge to the HANDtoHAND Campaign

21st September 2010

DKT International, John Snow, Inc (JSI), and the UN Foundation are the latest Coalition members to send in their commitments to the HANDtoHAND Campaign.

DKT has pledged to increase new users of family planning by 6 million by 2015. Moreover, they have committed to sell 3 billion condoms, 250 million oral contraceptives, 60 million injectable contraceptives, and 500,000 IUDs by 2015. DKT states their efforts will prevent nearly 11 million unintended pregnancies and prevent 6,600 maternal deaths.

JSI pledges to support the availability of contraceptives in low‐income countries through the provision of supply chain management technical assistance and training for national, regional, and global programs. JSI also commits to collecting accurate, timely information about the status of supplies, program requirements, and supply chain operations in over 20 countries, and sharing that information widely with stakeholders to raise awareness and improve decision. These pledges will help ensure the availability of needed supplies and therefore have a significant impact on women and families in the developing world.

In addition to announcing a separate $400 million USD commitment to help achieve the MDGs, the UN Foundation has committed to launch a maternal and newborn mHealth initiative, launch a web-based global information and experience sharing system for mHealth and eHealth, and catalyze at least $215 million USD in new funding to support efforts related to holistic health for adolescent girls, access to reproductive health supplies and services, improving maternal health outcomes through mobile technologies, and malaria prevention.

For more information on the HANDtoHAND Campaign and how you can contribute, please visit the webpage.

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