Countries slow to use Global Fund grants for contraceptive supplies

11th August 2011

A recent survey conducted by the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT found that, of the 39 countries surveyed, Rwanda was the only one to use Global Fund grants last year to procure contraceptives other than condoms.

Advocates have presented strong arguments to encourage countries to use Global Fund grants to procure contraceptives; these arguments include the importance of family planning as an HIV prevention strategy and the expressed willingness on the part of the Global Fund to allow this funding to promote linkages between HIV/AIDS and family planning programs. Advocates report that some countries have included non-condom contraceptives in their Global Fund proposals. However, apart from Rwanda, this has not translated into actual procurement of contraceptives.

The need exists for advocates to increase their efforts to encourage countries to use Global Fund grants to procure contraceptives, which will help decrease the unmet need for family planning and decrease the prevalence of HIV transmitted through unintended pregnancies.

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