Countries at Risk (CAR) Group: November 2007 update

13th December 2007

This month, the CAR issued its annual progress report which reviewed Group activities through September 2007. The report noted the CAR's success at having averted stock-outs in Kenya and Rwanda, but highlighted its limited ability to effectively gauge the status of country stock status worldwide. Part of the problem derives from the fact that the CAR's access to relevant information is largely limited to the members' own data-gathering systems. 

The report also noted weaknesses related to the fact that the resources available to the CAR are limited to what the members themselves can provide. However significant these resources may be in monetary terms, the CAR members' ability to apply them is often restricted by their own policies and priorities. The report recommends, therefore, that consideration be given to broadening the CAR's resource base (in cash or kind) so that it might respond more flexibly to a broader range of supply shortages. SSWG members are currently researching the "South Africa Buffer Stock Project", which has been used to assure emergency supplies of ARVs. Members are encouraged to send any other ideas to Alan Bornbusch. The CAR will next meet on December 20.

Categories: Collaboration, Systems Strengthening Working Group

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