Countdown 2015 Europe off to a running start

1st October 2007

"Target your information; be clear when formulating requests for support; and coordinate actions"-these were the key messages that Coalition partners took home from the Countdown 2015 Europe Consortium's first strategic planning session under its new grant to advocate for increased European investment in RH supplies. Held earlier this month in Lisbon, the session brought together European NGOs, UNFPA, and representatives of Project RMA and the Secretariat with a view towards developing a panorama of the challenges and ongoing initiatives in the field of supply security.

To lay the groundwork for more effective coordination and harmonization, the participants undertook a mapping exercise, plotting out the comparative strengths of the different programmes in bringing about change globally, regionally, and at country level.

* * *

October 2007, RHSC

Categories: Secretariat, Advocacy and Accountability Working Group

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