Contraceptive Security improves in Rwanda

6th November 2008

It was announced this month that local Global Fund stakeholders in Coalition priority country Rwanda have decided to fund contraceptives by providing a three-year commitment worth more than US$2.4 million from Round 7 Funds. Rwanda is believed to be the first country to fund both contraceptives and condoms as part of its efforts to fight HIV/AIDS. Rwanda will commit around US$800,000 per year for three years beginning in 2008. The financing from the Global Fund is equivalent to about 20 percent of the total funds required for public sector contraceptives for 2006-2008. Existing partners are increasing their support in addition to this new funding.

In recent years, Rwanda has seen a marked increase in the demand for modern contraceptive methods; use of these methods increased from 10 percent in 2005 to 27 percent in 2008 (according to the Demographic and Health Survey). The contraceptives financed through this new funding will be distributed as part of the national family planning programme and will be integrated with HIV services.

With support from member organization USAID | DELIVER, Rwandan Ministry of Health officials advocated strongly for this new funding.  This success is directly in line with the Coalition´s strategic objective to increase resources for reproductive health and related supplies and supply chain systems from global partnerships. Furthermore, this is encouraging news for efforts to integrate RH and HIV/AIDS initiatives in future Global Fund proposals, as discussed by Coalition member organizations and focus countries at the Addis Ababa meeting held in February of this year.

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