Consensus and convergence characterize membership discussions

1st September 2007

On September 26, the Membership Task Force met in London to draft a set of recommendations on Coalition membership and associated governance arrangements. The Task Force reviewed existing Coalition policies and documents as well as the results of a discussion paper prepared by HLSP Consultant David Johnson. The paper reviewed the experience of other health partnerships, provided a logical framework for addressing membership and governance issues, and summarized the results of in-depth interviews with different Coalition constituencies.

In a meeting participants agreed on fundamental principles to guide the formulation of their recommendations. These principles included an emphasis on openness and the inclusion of interested stakeholders; the need for a lean, non-bureaucratic governance structure; the opportunity for involvement and potential leadership by all members; and the capacity to realize strategic goals and build on past successes. A draft copy of the recommendations is currently being reviewed by the Task Force with the aim of finalizing a proposal for endorsement by the Executive Committee.

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September 2007, RHSC

Category: Secretariat

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