Coalition Working Group Leader is new RHR Director at WHO

10th November 2015

Ian Askew

Ian Askew will join WHO as the new Director of Reproductive Health and Research (RHR). In January 2016 he leaves the Population Council, where he has served as Director of Reproductive Health Services and Research in Nairobi, Kenya. He is recognised as a leading global authority on implementation of reproductive health research methods and their application to improving reproductive health system performance.

Ian also serves as the Leader of the Coalition’s Market Development Approaches Working Group, which contributes to the goal of reproductive health (RH) supply security through a greater focus on the "total market" including the private and commercial sectors.

“We could not imagine a more suitable candidate to take on this key global role in reproductive health,” said Coalition Director John Skibiak.

“Ian has always been a staunch visionary and authority in reproductive health, and I look forward to us further aligning the work of WHO and the Coalition.”

“My work with the Coalition has presented me with many valuable opportunities to widen my scope of experience,” said Ian. “It has impressed upon me how meaningless reproductive health work can be in the absence of supplies. Supplies will continue to be a central issue for me as I take on these new responsibilities.”

Category: Market Development Approaches Working Group

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