Coalition welcomes new Forum Chair

14th March 2017

The Coalition welcomes Mr. Modibo Dicko as the new Chair of SECONAF. Mr. Dicko is Director of the successful Informed Push Model project at IntraHealth Senegal, which reduced the national contraceptive stockout rate in Senegal to an all-time low two per cent. (Informed Push now operates under a new name – Yeksina – which means “I’ve arrived at the destination” in Wolof). After completing a doctorate in thermodynamics and energetics from France’s Perpignan University in 1986, Mr. Dicko returned to his native Mali; through his work around the refrigeration of vaccines, he became involved in supply chain systems and management. Mr. Dicko has 40 years’ experience in the public and private sectors, including more than 20 years in public health at national, inter-country, regional and global levels within WHO and international NGOs. He is a long-time member of the SECONAF Forum whose Executive Committee supported his application unanimously. He will lead the implementation of the new SECONAF Strategic Plan 2017-2019. “Working on the Informed Push Model project in Senegal made me realize the ripple effect of product availability on the contraceptive prevalence rate,” he says. “An interruption in contraceptive supplies at the central level leads immediately to interruptions at all levels, including service delivery. The SECONAF Forum is a crucial platform which will address contraceptive security on every level,” Mr Dicko says. We welcome Mr. Dicko on board SECONAF and the Coalition.

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