Catalonian Development Agency and UNFPA sign agreement

17th December 2007

The ACCD and UNFPA has signed the first framework agreement by which the ACCD gives 835,000 to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to fund several initiatives dealing with sexual and reproductive health (RH) plus training in Mozambique, Ethiopia, RDC and Guatemala.

The agreement was signed on December 11, 2007 by the ACCD general director Mr David Minoves and UNFPA representative Ms Mari Simonen. The agreement has set up an stable channel of collaboration with UNFPA, thus positioning the ACCD as the only Spanish decentralization cooperation agency collaborating with the mentioned multilateral organization.

Mr David Minoves has said that "with the agreement, Catalonia will complement the Catalonian Director Plan for Cooperation for Development which aims, among other goals, at improving sexual and reproductive health plus the reduction of morbidity and child death in populations in development in the context of the right to health".

The actions following the agreement include access to RH services, familiy planning, HIV-AIDs prevention, professional training, technical assistance, enforcement of institutional capacities, microcredits and work with youth, in addition to expert training during 2007.

Specifically, the actions to be carried out include:

  • Prevention and treatment of fistula in RDC and Cameroon (350,000)
  • Global Programme to guarantee safety in reproductive health 2007-2011 (34,000)
  • Reduction of maternal morbidity in Ethiopia and prevention of bad practices contributing to complications during pregnancies (135,000)
  • Reinforcement from the Ministry of Public Health and social assistance to reduce demands of contraception in Guatemala (195,000)
  • Sexual and reproductive health and reduction of maternal morbidity in Inhambane, Mozambique (121,000).

Categories: Mozambique, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Advocacy and Accountability Working Group

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