Advocacy Training

27th April 2009

Advocacy Training/Training of Trainers for the Coalition's Advocacy Toolkit 

Skills-Building to Improve RH Supplies Advocacy:  Advocacy Skills, Exploring the RHSC Advocacy Toolkit, and Preparing to Increase the Circle of RH Advocates
Date: 8th - 11th June 2009, directly following the Coalition's Annual Member Meeting
Location: International Planned Parenthood Federation
4 Newhams Row  |  London  |  SE1 3UZ  |  United Kingdom

Despite increased demand for reproductive health supplies, donor support is fading or stagnating, and many national governments are not prioritizing reproductive health programs or commodities. Providing the reproductive health commodities to meet the needs of lesser developed nations would enhance health, reduce unintended pregnancies each year, help prevent HIV/AIDS, and contribute to improved reproductive health overall, resulting in  healthier, more productive populations. 

To increase advocacy for reproductive health supplies and commodities, The Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition has developed an advocacy toolkit and guide.  The Toolkit provides practical, evidence-based tools that can be adapted to support advocate for policy change at multiple levels, and it can serve as a resource to increase the circle of RH supplies advocates throughout the world. 

Expected Outcomes of the Workshop:
1. Participants increase their understanding of the process, opportunities, and strategies to advocate for and re-position reproductive health supplies as a major contributor to improved health and well being 
2. Participants will identify different RH supplies advocacy objectives of relevance to their country contexts and understand important aspects of tailoring and delivering effective messages to different target audiences
3. Participants with advocacy experience will compliment their skills to include greater understanding of training other partners in RH advocacy.
4. Participants will understand the content and utility of the RHSC Advocacy Guide and Toolkit.

Target Groups
- RHSC members who want to improve their advocacy skills
- RMA Working Group members who work in advocacy but want a better understanding not only of how to use the Toolkit but also how to train others in advocacy and using the Toolkit.
- Organizational representatives are asked to sponsor one southern partner to broaden the base of advocates.

For further information on this workshop, please contact RMA WG leaders Sandra Jordan and Neil Datta.

Download a Word version of this flyer.

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