Supply Chain Data 4 Advocacy: Data Is a Dialogue


The Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition is excited to announce the third installment of our three-part webinar series “Data 4 Advocacy,” held jointly between the Systems Strengthening and Advocacy and Accountability Working Groups. The first discussion “Tell Me What You Need! Data Is a Discussion” served as an introduction to Supply Chain Data 4 Advocacy and focused on introducing the purpose of the webinar series along with the topic itself.  In part two we dove into East Africa and covered different examples of stockout data and how it was triangulated with efforts to unlock financial resources by highlighting what advocates are looking for in terms of data and what challenges exist in accessing data to influence financing structures.  Our final webinar will shed the spotlight on Tanzania and showcase the collaboration between advocates and data analysts being done there. Our two presenters are Michelle Weinberger from Avenir Health and James Mlali from Advance Family Planning. Jay Gribble from Palladium Group will be moderating the follow-on discussion.  We’re looking forward to what is shaping up to be a very exciting conclusion to this webinar series.

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