IMPACT Team Approach to Supply Chain Management

At the heart of the best functioning supply chains are incredible people. Since 2010, several countries have used IMPACT Teams to empower staff to analyze, use and transform data to improve the performance of their supply chains as part of the greater goal of improved health outcomes. The SSWG is proud to have hosted a webinar where experts implementing IMPACT Teams on the ground were able to share the following:

  • discuss experiences of applying the IMPACT Team approach in diverse contexts and across various supply chains
  • share evidence of how using the approach has improved SC performance and helped to ensure family planning products reach women when and where they need them,
  • highlight how IMPACT teams are being adapted for different contexts and maturity levels, with a view to widespread adoption, scale and sustainability

The insights shared by the presenters set the foundation for an interactive discussion with the audience. Key topics included issues of sustainability and efficiency, and considerations for the post-2020 RH ecosystem.


  • Barbara Lamphere, Sr Technical Advisor, JSI
  • Teshome Dires Adane, Sr Advisor for Data IMPACT Teams, Ethiopia, JSI
  • Matiko Machagge, Country Team Lead, Tanzania, JSI
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