Identifying Inequities in Family Planning Programs at National and Subnational Levels

Please join us for this webinar, jointly presented by the Coalition’s Market Development Approaches working group (MDAWG) and Advocacy & Accountability working group (A&AWG). To support countries in the next phase of family planning commitments and programming, the U.S. Agency for International Development-funded Health Policy Plus (HP+) project developed an Approach for Diagnosing Inequity in Family Planning Programs. This replicable approach identifies inequities in both family planning care—the accessibility, acceptability, and quality of services—and outcomes among a diverse range of commonly disadvantaged women. Specifically, it can be used to answer the “who, what, where” of inequities in family planning. Who is experiencing inequity? What components of family planning are not delivered equitably? Where—geographically—is the inequity occurring? This webinar will showcase HP+’s approach, how it can be applied, and results from its application to Uganda, focusing on the sub-regions, disadvantaged sub-groups, and family planning components for which inequities are most pervasive and where policy and program interventions should be targeted.

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