Financial Flows for MNCH Commodities in the Public Sector in Four Countrie


As most MNCH commodities are procured with government funds, an understanding of the financial flows for MNCH commodities is critical to ensuring adequate and timely procurement of MNCH commodities. The USAID-funded Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services program (SIAPS), implemented by Management Sciences for Health, mapped the financial flows for MNCH commodities in the public sector in four countries to identify major bottlenecks that adversely affect financing of those commodities. A detailed analysis of the bottlenecks can help target interventions in the areas of budget development, allocation, and disbursement that facilitate the flow of finances for MNCH commodities and so is useful in designing strategies to close the crucial gaps as countries pursue goals of ending preventable child and maternal deaths and universal health coverage. Jane Briggs and Maheen Malik from the USAID MSH/SIAPS Project presented a summary of the key findings of the mapping of financial flows from 4 countries.

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