Expanding Access: Estimating the Impact of DMPA-SC Introduction


Sayana Press (DMPA-SC) is rapidly increasing access to one of the most popular reversible FP methods – injectables. The simple, all-in-one packaging is ideal for para-professional or self-injection, and with appropriate policies and programs, DMPA-SC puts fertility decisions more directly into women’s own hands. Over a dozen countries are either introducing or scaling up DMPA-SC in their national FP program. But how, and under what programmatic circumstances, will DMPA-SC truly be a game changer?

To help answer this question, Health Policy Plus has developed a model to project the potential contribution of DMPA-SC to a national family planning program. This excel-based model covers both public health impact, and potential cost savings and returns on investment. Using country-level data, as well as assumptions based on existing DMPA-SC research results, this model can be applied using different scale-up and service-delivery scenarios, to help stakeholders understand the potential outcomes of DMPA-SC introduction. This webinar will provide an overview of the model and share results of recent country applications in Nigeria and Cameroon.

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