Advocacy for Generics


Over the last five years, many generic manufacturers of reproductive health supplies have initiated and successfully completed the rigorous World Health Organization prequalification (WHO PQ) or other demanding quality assurance approval processes for their products. They made significant investments in time and money because they saw a sound business case in pursuing quality assurance. As result, the numbers of quality-assured generic products has multiplied. However, many of these manufacturers are still having trouble breaking into the markets in which a more diversified offering of quality RH products is much needed and could have significant positive effects on the lives of women and their families. Rather than putting quality first in order of priority, countries many times still base their procurement decisions first on price, which leads to the increase of substandard products on the market. Others, which have become familiar with the same products over the years, are unfamiliar with the range of quality generics available at competitive prices. This webinar will explore how a collaboration between the AAWG and the GEMS Caucus can help to overcome these barriers.

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