Youth Round Infographic - Innovation Fund 2018

Publication date: 2018

In September 2016, the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition kicked o� four unique projects designed to increase young people’s access to reproductive health supplies. Support for these projects came from a special youth-speci�c round of the Innovation Fund, the Coalition’s flagship initiative for inspiring and �nancing new activities. The call for proposals yielded 35 grant applications. Four were chosen to receive one-year grants. JUST YOUTH Outcomes of the Innovation Fund’s special round for young people CONTEXT Introduced �rst service delivery guidelines for youth access to post-abortion contraception Marie Stopes International China (MSI-China) 1 2 frequency of repeat abortions among young women no LARC use among unmarried youth Young people choose condoms, withdrawal, & calendar methods 56% abortions are among women under 26 years old Developed �rst guidelines on youth access to contraceptives in the country Introduced guidelines in 6 hospitals 47% abortions take place in China every year 13M of abortion care patients under 25 years opted for a LARC method Guidelines will become part of China’s National Guidelines for Post-Abortion Contraception young people learned about LARCs through outreach Supplementary funding received for research on acceptance of LARCs 64% $85,0004,000 THE PROJECT RESULTS CONTEXT Removed logistical and clinical barriers to contraceptive access by youth VillageReach, Malawi Set up a mentorship program for pharmacy assistant Pharmacy assistants trained health facility sta� to improve commodity availability. Tracked good supply chain practices tracked Created youth friendly pharmacy standards THE PROJECT RESULTS health facilities bene�tted from mentorship programme 12 have been incorporated in trainings and national protocols YOUTH FRIENDLY PHARMACY STANDARDS awarded to VillageReach to expand project’s scope and impact $6M 25% of married 15-19-year-olds and 30% of unmarried girls use contraception 25% Key barriers to youth access include contraceptive stockouts, judgemental provider attitudes, and poor clinical standards and procedures 30%43 live births per 1,000 girls aged 15-19 each year Adolescent pregnancy and birth rates among highest in the world More on the Innovation Fund CONTEXT Tested menstrual cup pricing and distribution models in rural and urban settings WoMena, Uganda 3 4 6 novel distribution models tested: “Goat and Cup for work" Savings Groups “Marie Stopes Ladies” THE PROJECT RESULTS CONTEXT #Donde, a new mobile app, points youth to nearest RH facility Centro de Estudios de Estado y Sociedad, Argentina New mobile app #Donde allows youth in Argentina to �nd contraceptives and safe, legal abortion counselling #Donde designed to give information discreetly and privately Users can feed data into the platform and rate quality of care received at service delivery Data collected through #Donde applied to advocate for better quality facilities with youth access to RH commodities. THE PROJECT RESULTS 69.6 live births per 1,000 Argentinian girls aged 15-19 each year Adolescent fertility in Argentina among highest in the world 5-10 YEARS average duration of menstrual cup >50% percentage of girls in Uganda miss school due to menstrual hygiene management challenges Menstrual cups distributed during life of project The project succesfully advocated for the removal of import duties on the Ruby Cup® MSI Clinic Sales MSI Youth Ambassadors Private Pharmacy Sales 1,227 IMPORT DUTIES 70% of adolescents giving birth reported not using contraceptives Number of RH distribution outlets geo-referenced by #Donde 8,000 15,045 current users of #Donde

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