Quantification of Health Commodities: Contraceptive Companion Guide - Forecasting Consumption of Contraceptive Supplies

Publication date: 2013

Inventory of Tools for Maternal Health Supplies Prepared by Maternal Health Technical Reference Team, 2013 Information Sheet Quantification of Health Commodities: Contraceptive Companion Guide— Forecasting Consumption of Contraceptive Supplies Developer DELIVER Project/John Snow, Inc. (JSI) How to access the tool http://deliver.jsi.com/dlvr_content/resources/allpubs/guidelines/QuantHealCommCon CompGuid.pdf Purpose This guide should be used with the main guide—Quantification of Health Commodities: A Guide to Forecasting and Supply Planning for Procurement. This companion guide assists program managers, service providers, and technical experts when conducting a quantification of commodity needs and costs for short- acting, long-acting, and permanent methods of contraception. The guide describes the steps in forecasting consumption of contraceptive supplies; after which, to complete the quantification, users should refer to the main quantification guide for the supply planning step. This companion guide also presents a suggested forecasting methodology for the long-acting and permanent methods of contraception (LA/PM), which includes the additional medical instruments, expendable medical supplies, pain management drugs, and infection prevention supplies required to provide quality LA/PM services. Audience This tool may be used by program managers and public sector staff at all levels of the health system. Language English Keywords quantification, forecasting, contraceptive supplies

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