PipeLine 5.1

Publication date: 2013

Inventory of Tools for Maternal Health Supplies Prepared by Maternal Health Technical Reference Team, 2013 Information Sheet PipeLine 5.1 Developer DELIVER Project/John Snow, Inc. (JSI) How to access the tool For information on downloading PipeLine, please visit: http://deliver.jsi.com/dhome/resources/tools/softwaretools/pipeline or contact askdeliver@jsi.com. Purpose PipeLine is a computer software program that helps program managers plan optimal procurement and delivery schedules for health commodities, and monitor their orders throughout the supply chain. Policy makers, product suppliers, and donors can generate reports, estimate future product needs, and use the software as a key tool for program planning. This tool has been used with products in reproductive health, essential medicines, antiretroviral testing and treatment, malaria testing and treatment, lab supplies, and tuberculosis treatment. Audience This tool may be used at all levels of the health system by public and private sector staff, program managers, technical advisors, procurement officers, policy makers, product suppliers, and donors. Language English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic Keywords procurement, supply planning, forecasting

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