Our LAPTOP initative offers high visibility and proven impact

Publication date: 2022

THE LAPTOP COURSE-FINDER Profiles over 700 training opportunities in supply chain management. LAPTOP SCHOLARSHIPS Help young scholars and aspiring professionals, women and men, defray the costs of approved studies in supply chain management.   LAPTOP VIDEOS Feature experts speaking about career opportunities available in supply chain management. LAPTOP INTERNSHIPS The Girls on the Move initiative managed by partner organization Pamela Steele Associates has seen 36 young women undergo 8-month placements with public- and private-sector employers. Our LAPTOP initative offers high visibility and proven impact Supply chain staffing has long been in crisis, but the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the situation. The University of Tennessee’s Global Supply Chain Institute says that 94% of Fortune 1000 Companies are experiencing COVID-19-related supply chain disruptions. For the global pharmaceutical industry, which relies heavily on those supply chains, the consequences could be be dire: a drop of just 10% in available contraceptives in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) could result in an additional 49 million women facing an unmet need for modern contraception, a further 15 million unintended pregnancies, and 3.3 million unsafe abortions. Replenishing the ranks of a global supply chain workforce with talented young women and men is a priority of the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition.   What is LAPTOP? LAPTOP is our flagship program for attracting and cultivating the supply chain leaders of tomorrow. Our program encompasses: Since its launch over a decade ago, LAPTOP has attracted widespread attention, exceptional talent, and global recognition. The LAPTOP hub remains by far the most visited spot on the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition website, with 15,000 page views in 2021 alone. And the early 2022 launch of the first two LAPTOP video episodes attracted nearly 8,000 viewers aged 18-34, more than half of them from India, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, and Colombia. https://www.rhsupplies.org/activities-resources/tomorrow%e2%80%99s-supply-chain-leaders/laptop/ https://www.rhsupplies.org/activities-resources/tomorrow%e2%80%99s-supply-chain-leaders/scholarships/ https://www.rhsupplies.org/activities-resources/tomorrow%e2%80%99s-supply-chain-leaders/getting-started-in-supply-chain-management/ https://www.rhsupplies.org/activities-resources/laptop/internships/ https://www.rhsupplies.org/activities-resources/tomorrow%e2%80%99s-supply-chain-leaders/getting-started-in-supply-chain-management/ https://fortune.com/2020/02/21/fortune-1000-coronavirus-china-supply-chain-impact/ https://options.co.uk/news/how-covid-19-has-challenged-us-to-think-about-the-sexual-and-reproductive-health-supply-chain https://options.co.uk/news/how-covid-19-has-challenged-us-to-think-about-the-sexual-and-reproductive-health-supply-chain Support LAPTOP Our ability to sustain the work of LAPTOP depends on the support of partners around the world: from donors and non-governmental organizations to our partners in the commercial sector. Supporting LAPTOP is a win for everyone! A WIN for young people whose career dreams are now one step closer to reality. A WIN for us at the Coalition, so that we can keep alive and increase the full array of LAPTOP offerings. A WIN for our donors whose support is publicly recognized by a grateful new generation of supply chain managers. A WIN for the wider reproductive health community whose effectiveness and efficiency will benefit from a larger, more diverse pool of talented professionals.     Our LAPTOP Scholars Our LAPTOP scholars champion the principle of gender balance and many are becoming leaders in the supply chain field. Today, they are extolling the merits of the LAPTOP scholarship program, encouraging the next generation of aspirants to apply to it, and crediting the sponsors who made each funding round possible. Our Scholars are putting their studies to good use: HOPE ACHIRO drew on what she learned in her supply chain management certification course to prepare her for her new role as Chief Quality Control Officer at Uganda’s National Medical Stores. U G A N D A - 20 21 NANCY NJERU developed a tool for mapping vulnerable and marginalized populations that is today helping county governments in Kenya plan for COVID-19 vaccine deployment. K EN YA - 20 21 NKOLI NNAMONU is putting her education to effective use as she delivers supplies to Nigeria’s troubled North-Eastern region.NI G ER IA - 20 21 SIMPLICE KAMDEM credited his scholarship for his promotion to a position managing a US$40M effort to provide antiretrovirals to more than 130,000 people in Côte d’Ivoire.CA M ER O O N - 20 12 WESLEY KUKUTU credits his LAPTOP scholarship for his recent promotion to Manager of the National Medical Stores of the Solomon Islands. S O LO M O N IS L - 2 02 1 WADHAH HUBAISHI credits his studies for having helped him successfully deliver commodities in Yemen, despite the sieges of the country’s ports, fluctuating fuel prices, and a depreciating national currency. YE M EN - 20 14

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