MeTA Launch in Uganda

Publication date: 2008

Country presentation UGANDA DR S ZARAMBA DIRECTOR GENERAL HEALTH SERVICES LANCASTER HOUSE, LONDON 16TH MAY 2008 * MeTA MeTA ARRANGEMENTS IN UGANDA National coordination to be done by existing Medicines & Supplies Technical working Group Activity management to be done by a sub group of the TWG – key partners e.g. Government, CSO, Academia, WHO and private sector Secretariat to be the Pharmacy Division in the Ministry of Health Funds held in Partnership account-(jointly managed by government & partners) * MeTA TRANSPARENCY & ACCOUNTABILITY Commitment to transparency of information through a dedicated website, print and electronic media, and by other means. Content to be determined by work plan and activities * MeTA STATUS OF MeTA WORK PLAN Work plan to be developed in consultation with agreed structures & stakeholders MeTA Secretariat visit requested as soon as possible Proposal to be submitted to the International Secretariat by end of July 2008 National launch possibly July 2008 * MeTA KEY ISSUES FOR MeTA IN UGANDA Sub-optimal availability of essential medicines High prices in retail outlets and dispensing Doctors Mistrust of quality of generics by the public Low level of consumer empowerment * MeTA SOME PLANNED ACTIVITIES Monitoring of prices & availability continues Monitoring quality - reassurance for the public on generics Interventions to improve availability in health facilities Interventions to improve rational use of medicines - prescribers & consumers * MeTA NATIONAL RESEARCH NEEDS Baseline studies to identify gaps for research & interventions * MeTA SUPPORT NEEDS Capacity building for civil society Technical support to the country group – such as website design, quality of information to be shared, advocacy / use of media Regional & International linkages / learning * MeTA LESSONS LEARNED Experience of DFID funded multi-stakeholder Collaboration Project on medicines (GOV-CSO-WHO), provides a firm foundation for MeTA. * MeTA Title of presentation * MeTA *

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