Jamaica Code of Conduct for Primary Healthcare Facilities

Publication date: 2016

Code of Conduct 9 Offer your understanding and cooperation 9 Respect our staff and other patients 9 Respect the privacy and confidentiality of other patients 9 Ask questions and be engaged in your care or treatment 9 Adhere to the rules and policies of this facility B We ask you to For compliments or concerns call the Help Line at 467-9500 for Primary Hea lth Care Facilities We the staff of pledge to A 9 Provide service that is fair, equitable, and respectful, regardless of clients’ race, religion, age, education, economic status, political affiliation, national origin, gender, health status, or sexual orientation 9 Provide the best possible care we are able 9 Keep all patient information private and confidential 9 Deliver appropriate and timely information on patient care and treatment 9 Communicate effectively and respectfully to provide the necessary support to patients 9 Ask for consent before services and treatment are administered 9 Provide you with the most professional health care possible

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