PhD in Operations Management

Indiana University

This major requires 18 credits in the operations management area.

Because doctoral students in this area are part of the Decision Sciences/Operations Management Doctoral Consortium, they take both decision sciences and operations management core courses. Specifically, students take the basic operations research sequence and the basic operations management sequence in their first two years. The remaining credits are selected from a broad set of courses, which allows students to tailor their programs. As with other business majors, students supplement the program with minor courses (9 credit hours) and methodology and analysis courses (9 credit hours).

Required Courses

  • BUS-K601 Linear Optimization (1.5 credits)
  • BUS-K602 Integer and Nonlinear Optimization (1.5 credits)
  • BUS-K603 Probability Models for Operations Research (1.5 credits)
  • BUS-K604 Stochastic Process for Operations Research (1.5 credits)
  • BUS-K605 Dynamic Programming (1.5 credits)
  • BUS-P601 Supply Chain Management and Distribution (1.5 credits)
  • BUS-P602 Inventory Theory (1.5 credits)
  • BUS-P603 Seminar on Operations & Supply Chain Topics (1.5 credits)
  • BUS-P604 Service Operations and Process Design (1.5 credits)
  • BUS-P635 Special Topic in Operations Management (1.5 credits)

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