PhD in Engineering Sciences, Industrial Area and Transportation

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

The objective of the Doctoral Program in Engineering Sciences is to train researchers at the highest level, who have a broad domain in a sector of their discipline in Engineering Sciences. In addition, they must be able to develop scientific / technological knowledge by conducting independent research that constitutes an original contribution to knowledge.

Doctoral students in this area will acquire special abilities to face problems creatively and efficiently in the following two main lines of research:

Economy and Planning of Transportation Systems

This line focuses on the study of transportation markets from a microeconomic perspective, paying special attention to problems of regulation, externalities, and provision of public goods specific to the transportation sector. The analytical instruments used in this line correspond to microeconomic models, statistical and econometric models, and optimization models. This line of research includes the development of Transport Demand models and the study of the interaction between urban land use and transport markets.

Management and Operations of Transportation and Logistics Systems

It focuses on the use of advanced mathematical models for better operational decision making that allows a more efficient use of available resources. These models are applied to the study of problems in various areas, such as vehicular traffic, network flow, public transport operations, air transport operations, location and operation of terminals and distribution centers, and design, operation and control of logistics systems and cargo transportation.

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