MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management degree

Loughborough University

Successful organisations all around the world depend on effective logistics and supply chain management. Our new MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management prepares graduates with the skills sought after by employers, opening up a wide range of rewarding and vitally important careers.

This programme will enable you to create, manage and communicate useful insights from ‘big data’ and apply them to support decision-making in logistics and supply chain operations. On this programme you will:

  • develop an in-depth understanding of modern logistics and supply chain systems and the range of managerial decisions related to the planning and operations of these systems.
  • learn how human behaviour influences the performance of operations processes.
  • gain knowledge of a broad range of analytics techniques and develop strong modelling skills, which will enable you to analyse logistics and supply chain data and work effectively to support problem-solving and decision-making in modern organisations.

Graduates with these knowledge and skills are in high demand.

Modules are taught by our group of internationally recognised experts from the Management Science and Operations Group and the Logistics and Transportation Analytics Research Interest Group, who are actively working with businesses, government and non-profit organisations to tackle routine, strategic and policy problems. In practical sessions, you will get hand-on experience of using software packages that are commonly used in logistics and supply chain management, such as SAP and SAS.

We have an advisory group of industrial collaborators for our MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management who provide guidance on practical relevance and contribute to the curriculum by delivering workshops and guest talks. Our collaborators include logistics and supply chain professionals in big business and large public organisations, as well as analytics technology providers for logistic and supply management tools.

During the summer you will undertake a supervised consulting or research project. The consulting projects are set up to address practical problems in organisations and provide you with an opportunity to apply the latest analytics tools to a real logistics or supply chain context. The research projects typically focus on theoretical or methodological developments within logistics and supply chain management and offer you an excellent preparation for continuing with your studies pursuing a research degree such as a PhD.

Who should study this programme?

Our MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management programme is ideal for graduates interested in learning how to create, manage and communicate useful insights from ‘big data’ and apply them to support decision-making in logistics and supply chain operations. The programme will equip students with strong modelling and analytical skills highly sought after by employers. This programme offers a fantastic opportunity for graduates that want to pursue roles in logistics and supply chain management business functions, such as operations manager, inventory planner, logistics/supply-chain managers, as well as roles such as management consultants, analysts, analytics consultants, or data scientists.


  • Logistics Systems Operations
  • Discovery Analytics
  • Managerial Decision Modelling
  • Skills for Consulting Projects
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Behavioural Operations Management

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Academic Degree


Master of Science


Medium (3-12 months)

  • English
  • In-Person

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