MSc in Engineering - Operations Management

University of Southern Denmark

With an MSc in Engineering - Operations Management you will know how production technologies and supply chain management are used to develop the future's sustainable manufacturing companies. You will be able to lead and carry out technically complex development projects and design targeted production and supply chain solutions which utilise global conditions to create competitive advantages. At the same time you can transfer your knowledge to hospitals, regions and other places where people work with equipment on a 'production'.

You will be qualified to:

  • use your market and product knowledge to design targeted supply chain solutions which utilise global conditions
  • develop and implement new principles and systems of production
  • develop global high technology production companies with focus on operations management and logistics

You will also learn to transfer your knowledge of production, operations management and supply chain to other industries and professional contexts. This can be for example to a hospital, an institution or other places where people work with technology.

The programme takes place in close collaboration with Danish companies as well as working with research within the field of production and supply chain so your training enables you to be responsible for innovation and growth in Danish companies.


You choose to specialise in either Manufacturing Technology or Global Supply Chain Development.

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  • Denmark

Academic Degree


Master of Science


Long (+12 months)

  • English
  • Norwegian
  • In-Person

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