Master in international trade: Logistics and transport studies

Université de Carthage

Why do a master's degree in international trade and logistics ?

  • Acquire a global vision of international trade operations thanks to this logistics and international trade master's degree
  • Master sales and logistics skills
  • Learn how to set up a strategy for transport, storage, distribution and customs clearance of goods with this master's program in logistics and supply chain management in Tunisia
  • Discover the international supply chain with the help of this unique logistics master's program in Tunisia
  • Develop your professional network
  • Acquire a professional profile with an international dimension
  • Overview of some courses

This value-added logistics network design course allows the student to discover the importance of logistics networks which occupy an important place in the development, organization and operation of any business.

This course in international finance techniques exposes the subject of financial globalization through an introduction to the functioning, protagonists and instruments of international financial markets such as currencies and capital flows, and the influence of these. markets on economies in terms of growth but also instability.

This course allows the student to discover that customs has an essential role in international trade operations since its goal is to control access to the national territory and to ensure the regularity of international trade. .

This Project Management course in logistics allows the student to discover all the resources, methods, tools and techniques allowing to effectively manage the global supply chain from the supplier to the end customer.

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