M.S. in Supply Chain Management

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Supply chains are critical to global business success and require individuals who are simultaneously analytical, flexible, quantitatively skilled, and globally aware.

Lally's M.S. in Supply Chain Management is designed to turn technically oriented undergraduates into professionals who can identify and confidently solve dynamic problems that often have no perfect answer. Our curriculum adopts an interdisciplinary focus that integrates concepts from industrial marketing, operations management, and information systems.

Your skills will develop rapidly through rigorous studies in the fundamentals of business followed by specialized courses in Supply Chain Management and electives that enable you to apply your new skills. We use sophisticated in-class simulation games and mentoring from ongoing interaction with a highly engaged advisory board of executives in the supply chain management profession.

In less than one year, you’ll be ready to begin a transformative career in supply chain management, logistics, operations management, consulting or procurement and sourcing.

The curriculum includes three parts: a business core, a supply chain core that includes both modeling and quantitative approaches, and specialized electives that include project-based courses that allow students to develop expertise in specific areas of supply chain management.

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Medium (3-12 months)

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  • In-Person

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