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The Logistics Manager is the guarantor of the entire organization of the logistics of his NGO in the country of operation. It is he who has the global vision of the supply chain and who ensures the planning and quantification of the material necessary for the humanitarian mission. Based in the capital of the country of intervention, he is a member of the coordination team to ensure the adequacy of the logistics strategy with the needs of everyone on the mission. He manages all the logistics teams, whether based in the capital or in the rest of the country, near the programs run by the NGO.

What is the initial profile career?

You have little work experience and in line with the core competencies: the initial profile course allows you to master each business area of competence of a training module and an application practical (support to a solidarity association), while benefiting from support for your professional project and when you take up your post.

Follow this training continuously or at your own pace

Bioforce offers a course of 1250 hours to allow you access to this profession. Thanks to this course, you will master each block of skills in the profession through a training unit and a practical application, and will benefit from support for your professional project and your taking up a position. This course can be followed continuously or at your own pace by following the different training units. Discover them in the brochure!

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