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Econometrics and Operations Research opens a window to a complicated world that provides insights on which people, businesses and governments base their decisions.

Econometrics is the science and art of using statistical methods to analyze financial, marketing and economic data, nowadays often Big Data. Operations Research is the science and art of making better decisions in economics, management and finance using mathematical methods.

Econometrics Specializations:

• Climate Econometrics

• Econometrics and Data Science

• Econometric Theory

• Financial Econometrics

• Marketing Data Science

• Quantitative Economics

Operations Research Specializations:

• Operations Research Theory

• Supply Chain Management

• Financial Engineering

How can we forecast extreme weather events using data-science techniques? What is the impact of climate change on economies and societies in an increasingly interconnected world? How are financial markets affected by the implications of disasters?

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of the 21st century and affects people, economies and the environment all over the globe. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has underscored the complexities of the climate system. At the same time, econometrics and data science methods for ultra-high dimensional data sets are developing rapidly. Understanding the complexities of climate change require people with very strong data analytics skills and a thorough understanding of climate system dynamics. In this unique specialization, we cover econometrics, statistical theory of high-dimensional spaces, computer science skills for handling big data in a data-rich environment and apply those skills to climate change challenges.

This specialization is the first in The Netherlands to bring together the field of econometrics and climate change science. In this specialization, you will enhance your data science skills and apply them to complex climate change science.

The Climate Econometrics master specialization is therefore unique in the Netherlands. The programme allows you to understand, create, and estimate econometric (climate-)models in order to analyze economic effects and to assist in policy making on climate change.

The courses are taught by inspiring teachers, econometric researchers and renowned climate scientists, in a collaboration between the Faculty of Science and the School of Business Economics.

In the Age of Data, climate change science requires strong data analytics skills.

Climate Econometrics courses

Thesis MSc EOR - Econometrics

Advanced Econometrics

Multivariate Econometrics

Time Series Models

Land Use Change and Ecosystems

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