Degree in Integral Logistics

Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires

The Graduate in Integral Logistics will have an academic and technical training that will allow him, assuming an ethical commitment and social responsibility in the exercise of his profession, to apply concepts and capacities to perform in the field of knowledge concerning:

  • Analyze, guide and define the logistics chain in the industrial, distribution and service sectors.
  • Design, implement new systems and comprehensively manage, applying and adapting new technologies, logistics relationships between suppliers, companies, logistics operators, clients and end consumers.
  • Advise and assist, from a technical approach to the subject, in the definition of the structure and the setting of organizational strategies.
  • Manage logistics in an integrated way.
  • Develop managerial relationship skills that promote cooperation and teamwork, and provide useful tools for better time management and work organization in the logistics area.
  • Plan and direct the processes of definition, development and implementation of the current systems that define the logistics competitiveness of the territory, either in the macro sphere related to cross-border trade (Foreign Trade Logistics) or in the micro sphere, related to the urban context (Urban Logistics).


  • Algebra and Analytical Geometry
  • Introduction to Logistics
  • Business Economics
  • Mathematical Analysis I
  • Organization and management of companies
  • Computer science
  • Supply chain management I
  • Probability and statistics
  • Logistics I
  • Transport I (Terrestrial and Intermodal)
  • Operations research
  • Transport economy and logistics costs
  • Logistics II
  • Transportation Planning
  • Territorial Logistics Competitiveness
  • Port terminals
  • Quality management
  • Transport II (Maritime and river)
  • Information and Communication Technologies I
  • Management of human resources
  • Marketing
  • Safety, occupational health and environment
  • Supply chain management II

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