Bachelor in Logistics and Supply Chain Engineering

Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá

The Bachelor's degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Engineering is aimed at training a professional capable of designing, planning, managing and controlling sustainable supply systems and the company's logistics resources, through the planning of purchases, transport, storage and distribution of information, goods and services; based on support tools for making operational decisions, which involves extensive knowledge of procedures and optimization of company resources.

To enter the career, the applicant must have a secondary education certificate, issued by an official or private campus incorporated into the Ministry of Education; or by unincorporated or foreign schools, provided that the duration of said studies is not less than five (5) years at the secondary level and they are recognized by the Ministry of Education.

The graduate of the Bachelor's degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Engineering will be qualified to work in public and private entities that are dedicated to manufacturing, or service, or that are dedicated to local and international distribution, or that are dedicated to storage activities, to the administration of logistics processes, as well as to the management of material flows; design purchasing strategies; direct product cargo, traffic and safety activities; design and manage warehouses and distribution centers; select means and modes of cargo transportation; plan the configuration of the distribution network. All these aspects must be complemented with a high ethical commitment and respect for the environment.

The Bachelor of Logistics and Supply Chain Engineering is qualified to perform the following functions:

  • Designs, plans and controls supply systems in a sustainable way, optimizing resources and detecting opportunities for improvement within the chain.
  • Direct the logistics activities of cargo, traffic and security, effectively and efficiently, managing the flow systems of materials, information, goods and services effectively and efficiently.
  • Use of ICTs in the decision-making process for the efficient operation of logistics processes.
  • Formulates competitive advantages and strategic planning of the flow of information and materials in the development of logistics processes, developing research in their specialty, to position them in the global market.
  • Able to evaluate technology and carry out business consulting for logistics projects in the supply chain.
  • Management of interdisciplinary groups in supply chains.

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