BA Business Management and Supply Chain Management

University of Hull

On this course, you’ll learn how to manage an organisation’s involvement in global and international supply chains. Using facilities like our Technology Innovation Hub, you’ll discover how management techniques and supply chains keep business moving.

You’ll study specialist modules on procurement and supply management, global logistics and port management, and supply chain sustainability and the environment.

And you’ll also come to understand how businesses work as a whole – learning across different functions. We’ll use projects, case studies and industry collaborations to show you how what you’re learning actually applies in the real world.


Operations, Supply Chain and Business Practices

Explore how businesses develop their operations management and supply chain practice. You'll learn the techniques to understand, analyse and evaluate the complexities in today's organisations.

Accounting and Finance

Delve into topics such as financing decisions, cost behaviour, cost-volume-profit analysis, absorption costing, variance analysis and budgeting.


Discover core marketing theories and concepts such as segmentation, targeting and positioning, consumer behaviour, and marketing mix. Apply your understanding of these different concepts in a real-life business project.

Personal and Professional Skills for Contemporary Organisations

Learn about organisational behaviour and HRM concepts. Areas of focus include individual difference, personal development, people management and leadership.

Business Environments

Responsible Business in Society

Explore concepts like responsible business, corporate social responsibility, business ethics and sustainable development, and learn to understand them in a global context.

Organisational Management

Explore approaches to organisational management and integrate theory and practice. You'll consider various practices and the assumptions behind them.

Procurement and Supply Management

Learn how procurement ensures the effective supply of the materials that businesses need. Concepts include managing business relationships, planning operations and problem solving.

Supply Chain Information Management and Big Data

Discover the role of information management and big data in supply chains. Learn methods for big data, text mining and

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Academic Degree




Long (+12 months)

  • English
  • In-Person

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