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214 million women and girls want to plan their pregnancies but don’t have access to contraception. If they used contraceptives, there would be 67 million fewer unplanned pregnancies in the world every year, and 224,000 fewer maternal deaths.



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  • Broken #supplychains mean #contraceptive commodities don‘t reach the women and girls who need them most. Play the #SupplyChainGame to learn more about and #win a #prize. #ItsAboutSupplies @JSIhealth
  • Play the #SupplyChainGame on #WorldPopDay2018. Learn. Win a prize.
  • 214M women and girls don’t have access to the contraceptives they want. Broken supply chains are a key reason for #unmetneed. #Play the #SupplyChainGame and win yourself a supply chain management course!
  • Giving 214M women and girls the contraceptives they need could mean 67 million fewer #unplanned pregnancies. #ItsAboutSupplies
  • How to prevent 224,000 maternal deaths? Give 214 million women and girls the #contraceptives they need. And stop 90,000 women from dying during childbirth next year. 


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