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Flash mob performed in Kampala

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“Anybody can do it, look, one step left, two steps right.” The Public Health Ambassadors from Uganda, or PHAU as they are known, use spoken word poetry, dance narratives, flash mobs, short plays and street theatre to spread the word about sexual and reproductive health and rights. They perform in various communities and schools across Uganda to create a safe, supportive environment for people to access free SRHR information, services and products. At one recent event, nearly 200 people received HIV testing and counseling services. 

PHAU started in 2011 as a music, dance and drama club at International Health Sciences University but it soon evolved in a not-for-profit youth led organization. They are based in Makindye - Kampala, Uganda. PHAU has over 5 years of exclusive experience in advancing integrated SRH Information and services for young people and women, the organisation is made up of 6 full time staff, 50 peer educators and volunteers. PHAU is currently working in the central region; Kampala, Wakiso, Mukono and Buikwe District. 

PHAU just joined the Coalition in May 2016, but have already shown their commitment by helping organize a collaborative FlashMob for the Coalition, performed in Copenhagen at Women Deliver 2016. The performance was built around a young man who had trouble accessing contraceptives because of society’s taboos surrounding young people’s use of contraception. Indeed, PHAU’s work is built on the principles of providing young people with the “wide range of options of different family planning methods, enabling them to make informed decisions and choices about their reproductive well-being,” as the Coalition’s Strategic Pillar of Choice holds.

Segawa Patrick

In Uganda, many youths and adolescents appreciate and associate themselves with music, dance and drama, and information or messaging that engages them in a creative, interactive and fun way.

Segawa Patrick, Programmes Coordinator

Member of the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition

Public Health Ambassadors from Uganda

Public Health Ambassadors from Uganda has been a member of the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition since 2016.

To follow PHAU activities, check out their social media platforms at Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo.

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