Distinct landscapes between the public and private sectors

The public and private sectors play equally important roles in the contraceptive supplies market, but they are by no means interchangeable. The public sector primarily provides long-acting and permanent methods (LAPMs); indeed, two-thirds (67%) of public sector users rely on LAPMs. The private sector, by contrast, focuses on short-term methods. Pill, injectable and condom users make up almost three-quarters (73%) of those served by the private sector. This means that cutbacks in one sector cannot, at least in the short-term, be easily replaced by the other. Women must be able to make their own choices from a full range of contraceptive methods.

CGA2019 — to be released on 31 July 2019

The 2019 Commodity Gap Analysis―to be released on 31 July 2019 — will explore the relationship between countries’ wealth and the sourcing of supplies by the public and private sectors.

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