Why accountability for Family Planning (FP) supplies? A reflection of accountability work for FP supplies in Uganda Webinar


Sustained advocacy over the years has resulted to increased investments in Family Planning (FP), including procurement of FP supplies.

Despite the investments made, FP indicators have remained poor, an indication that the allocated funds have either remained un-disbursed, under-utilized or un-utilized. 

Where are the domestic funds for FP commodity going to?

In Uganda, 3FHi (Faith for Family Health Initiative) jointly with Family Planning Budget Advocacy Group and newly established Civil Society Accountability Collaborative for FP Supplies (CAC) is tracking domestic financing for FP supplies and improving accountability on public-sector FP supplies budgets, releases, and expenditures. Accountability dialogue between 3FHi, CAC, allies and government representatives resulted in new commitments of $5.9 million for procurement of FP commodities, ring-fencing 25 percent of the new funds for FP commodities, and making expenditure data on FP supplies financing publicly available.

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